Clarifying the thoughts

hi sup & salutations,
tell me about your journey.
TO. 94

I’ve finally had a day off to myself since M’s been busy with school and studying for Midterms. Even as we speak, he’s studying quietly in his room, reviewing notes vivaciously. Honestly, one of his greatest assets has been his work ethic and tremendous determination to put in effort to succeed. I’ve never met anyone with the same kind of determination and critical mindset. It goes unmatched and unparalleled. It’s refreshing to have someone in your life who pushes you to be even greater than you already are. It’s definitely been a lot more different then I’m used to dealing with. I have an unfavorable personality derived from shallow praise that he challenges on a constant basis and I can say I have NEVER been as eager to rise up every time. I’ve never felt so excited to be moving forward with someone as hardworking and enlightened.